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Why chooseAlberto Sassi S.p.A.?

We are not used to talking about us: it is always our products that speak for us.

But we promised an answer, so here is our perspective.

We are a historical company, family-owned for 3 generations.

If you are looking for elevator experience and solidity in a partner, we could add value to your projects.

We outsource each sales and customer relationship segment to a specific entity.

If you want to partner with a structured company, Alberto Sassi S.p.A. is it.

We meticulously study current regulations, always attending meetings of certifying bodies.

If you put safety first, we feel the same way.

We use first-rate materials and components for our winches and gearlesses.

If you aim for differentiation for your installations, you will find it profitable to work together.

We always keep up with the times, sometimes ahead of them.

If you want to entrust your projects to those who know how to harness the wind of change, you can rely on our over 70 years of experience as a market leader.

We manufacture all winch and gearless components ourselves, also achieving the relevant quality, safety and reliability certifications. We are accountable for our products and never abandon customers in case they need assistance.

If this reassures you, we are happy to do so.

Each of our achievements is the result of serious investment to optimize production.

If you think that commitment and perseverance are the only way to excel, we are on the same page.

Our success is possible because of the people who work in Alberto Sassi S.p.A. That is why we constantly invest in corporate welfare.

If you believe in the value of human capital, we have a common vision.

That’s enough about us

It was a tough task, but now it’s your turn.