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DF Brakes

The DFXY brake system equips models:
Gearless G-200, G-300, G-400 T1and T2 as service and safety brake
MODY, LEO, MF48 gearbox as safety brake

DFXY brakes are certified as safety brakes against uncontrolled movements (UCM) and overspeed in cabin ascent (ACOP) by Liftinstituut (Netherlands) according to European Directive 2014/33/EU.

Certificate No. NL22-400-1002-243-04

The DFXY system was designed, developed and manufactured entirely by Alberto Sassi engineers to achieve the best performance synergies with the models to which it is applied.

Modular brake, available in three sizes:

DFX1: module with 1 brake disc

DFX2: module with 2 brake discs

DFX3: module with 3 brake discs

Minimum dimensions: we decided to develop the length while maintaining a constant width of 280 mm, optimal in MRL systems.

Brake opening, while the system is operating, is ensured by 4 coils connected to each other in series, 2 by 2. However, the electrical connection at the terminal box output is in parallel to ensure the elevator stops even if only half the brake functions (test required for several type-approvals).

The rated direct voltage (DC) values required to supply the DF system are:

​205V – 180V -104V – 60V – 48V. (Other voltages on request)

To improve the precision and sturdiness of the rotating parts, the system couples directly with the shaft of the machine with the aid of grooved profiles, thereby avoiding the need for adapter bushes in between.

The DFXY braking system normally functions with an electromagnetic release which, however, can become manual in an emergency by unscrewing purpose-made release bolts (standard equipment).

On request, the system can be fitted with a manual release lever, which can be installed before, during or after the machine has been fitted on the system.

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