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The machines for which we are known worldwide: the gearboxes

We have been manufacturing geared traction machines since 1946 Industrial installations, housing estates, apartment blocks, detached houses – our gearboxes have made the difference wherever the priority requirements have been safety and reliability.

Technology has made significant advances throughout these 70 years in the business and we have kept the pace. Nowadays, the geared traction machine is a proven solution to new problems: modernization, installations with dated technical features or special requirements regarding duty load.

Alberto Sassi is the point of reference for all those who require a gearbox and its components: motor, frame, brake.

Our offer, from 480 kg to 15,000 kg duty load

The iconic range

MF Series

MB Series

We produce the components of our geared and gearless machines with the highest technology.

Click the component you need to discover the technical details of our offer.

Ready to help you at all times

Choosing the right traction machine is not easy.

Just fill out the form if you need to talk to an expert. You will be contacted by our technical – sales department as soon as possible.


Our ARGAWeb platform allows you to compare technical specifications and prices, find the best solution for your installation and monitor the progress of your order.

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