Our mission

Constantly promoting and investing in research, technology and development with an eye that is always attentive to the environment around us.

Over the years we have satisfied the needs of an evolving market and we are committed to studying and updating our technologies first in the production of gearboxes for lifts (motor + brake + reducer), then in that of gearless (direct drive electric motor )

We are committed to creating quality Italian products by producing the main components of gearboxes and gearless in-house in order to offer quality, reliability and assistance.

MISSION gearboxes
The gearbox product is a consolidated product over time which, for this reason, must not be neglected. Over the years we have studied design evolutions that have transformed the 'classic traction motor' with worm screw into a product with a different design (vertical winch with three mounting positions) and new potential.

The product is a classic, always adapted to an evolving market.

MISSION gearless
​We listen and carefully study the market and the building developments that accompany our sector. We are aware that the gearless product is constantly evolving and for this reason we adapt to changes and new developments to offer the best to our customers.

It is a sophisticated product that requires state-of-the-art production equipment and precise regulatory adjustments and a very strong support as regards drawings, manuals and technical instructions.

This is our gearless mission for the elevator market.