Alberto Sassi S.p.A. for the environment

Becoming increasingly sustainable is not just a simple goal, but part of our vision.

How do we achive it? Step by step


Raising awareness in the entire organization about environmental issues is the first step in this direction. We hold meetings and organize team building activities. We invest in smart solutions to make even the simplest gestures, like drinking coffee, sustainable.

We subscribe to RE-CIG a circular economy initiative by which purified cigarette butts are converted into a plastic polymer – by placing dedicated recycle bins within the company grounds.


At our factory in Crespellano, we have installed a substantial photovoltaic roofing system and the new warehouses have been built in full compliance with energy-saving requirements with the use of low-consumption LED lighting and water recovery systems.

Sustainability Report

We are monitoring and analysing our KPI for the purpose of drawing up our sustainability report: one of the most important goals of the next 5 years.