SPECIAL characteristics
​​​Besides the standard characteristics described above, there are some other optional characteristics (delivered on request). Among them we list:
C1. Thermoresistors at 130°C
Provide a double thermal protection of the motor, working as thermal prealarm in those systems which have this possibility. They can be implemented, for example, to enable the cabin to reach the floor when the motor temperature is higher than the one of the thermistors and to prevent its following start as long as the temperature of the windings remains higher than 130°C.
C2. Tropicalization
It occurs by adding another impregnation phase with special fungicide varnishes to the normal motor impregnation cycle (with varnishes suitable to the working class F,155 °C) thus allowing the working of motors even in countries with a hot-humid climate. In case of tropicalization, the allowed motor overtemperature has to be lower than 10°C in comparison to that of F class, thus shifting from 100 to 90°C. ​

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