GENERAL characteristics

Standard GENERAL characteristics

A1. General characteristics

Characteristics Description Reference standard
ExecutionSassi Gear flange
Insulation class F CEI EN 60034-1:2011-03 Sez. 8
Service type Intermittente S4 CEI EN 60034-1:2001-03
Intermittence % 40 % - 60 % CEI EN 60034-1:2011-03
Mechanical enclosure protection IP 21 CEI EN 60034-5:2001-10 + A1:2007-03 Sez.4 e 5
VibrationsEffective value of vibration speed CEI EN 60034-14:2005-11 + A1:2007-10
Noise CEI EN 60034-9:2005-05 + A1:2008-02
Environmental conditions Altitud<= 1.000 m
Temperature <= 40° C
CEI EN 60034-1:2011-03 Sez. 6
Electromagnetic compatibilityCEI EN 61000-6-3:2007
EN 55014-1:2006+A2:2011
EN 55014-2:1997+A2:2008
EN 12015:2014
EN 12016:2013​

Other reference standards​:
NORME IEC/CEI: CEI EN 60034-2-1:2015-09; CEI EN 60034-8:2008-05+A1:2015-01
A2. Execution: assembly suitable for SASSI gears (MF type)
That is coupling between gear and motor by means of the flange, with overhanging motor.
A3. General characteristics
Motor maximum internal temperature = 155°C
Allowed maximum overtemperature = 100°C
A4. Type of service: intermittent (at 40% and 60%)
The intermittent service occurs when the motor is subject to working cycle after non working cycles.
The allowed intermittent service is:

40% , with 90 or 120 avv/h;
60% , with 180 or 240 avv/h.
The following table shows the theorical division between working time and non-working time according to the scheduled starting hours.

Sts/h Total Cycle
Working Cycle
Non-working Cycle
90 40 16 24 40
120 30 12 18 40
180 20 12 8 60
240 15 9 6 60

A5. Mechanical enclosure protection: IP21
That is: "Protection against the accidental contact with live parts and against approach to such parts as well as against contact with moving parts inside the casing with one's fingers or with objects not longer than 80 mm. Protection against the penetration of solid foreign bodies with a diametre more than 12 mm".

Moreover: "Vertically falling dripping water has no harmful effect."
A6. Vibrations
According to the standard CEI EN 60034-14:2005-11 + A1:2007-10, the value adopted to measure the vibrations corresponds to the effective value of the vibration speed expressed in mm/sec.
The values normally adopted, concerning the internal standard of acceptability for SASSI machines are lower than the one scheduled by the above mentioned rule.
A7. Noise
​The standard adopted to measure noise, complies with what specified by the CEI EN 60034-9:2005-05+A1:2008-02.
As regards two speed motors, give special attention to noise during transients and during working at low speed.

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