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Gearless with IP66 protection

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Protection against dust, sand and water even for gearless of big dimension.

We have completed a new special execution to make the G500 T1 and T2 gearless IP66 versions suitable for lift systems built in environments with extreme environmental and atmospheric conditions.

In particular, the IP66 Protection Index indicates

  • Tota​l protection from dust, oil and other non-corrosive material
  • Protection from water, even from powerful jet

For their realization a logic similar to that implemented for the gearless G300 and G400 was followed.

Given the particular size of the machine, careful and scrupulous work has been done to ensure adequate sealing of the aluminum half-shells.

As for the gearless for smaller lifts, also in this case the external carter plate incorporates the brake itself.

​Fields of application of IP66 certified gearless

These executions that are compliant to the requirements of the IP66 standard are suitable to lifts made in environments subjected to strong atmospheric and environmental stresses, such as:

  • Marine environments
  • Naval plant engineering (civil and military)
  • Installations suitable for fire prevention rules (Firefighting Lifts, EN 81-72)
  • Industries with very fine powders (cement factories, mills, etc.)
  • Environments with a corrosive atmosphere
  • Petrochemical industries in general

 The IP66 degree of protection requires the machines to be protected against the intrusion of specific external agents. This therefore does not allow the use of devices that would interrupt the overall protection chain of the machine, such as forced ventilation and the remote release lever.

Both executions passed the tests and were certified by Icepi​, an accredited third party.​

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