Traceability of the safety components

​​Circular letter 2016/02

In accordance with the new Directive 2014/33/UE about the traceability of the safety components, we inform you that from February 2nd 2016 in all the brakes type DF manufactured by Alberto Sassi SpA and mounted to gearless machines & gears, you will find an adhesive label with QR CODE which will enable you to obtain the following information:​

• Name/Model of brake

• Code with voltage and connection (series / parallel)

• Order of Production (OP)

• Year of manufacture and batch

• Corporate name and mail address of the Manufacturer


We have also updated the labels already present in the brake type DF. To the existing information, we now added: ​

• Duty voltage (V dc)

• Duty current (I dc)

• Power (P dc)

• Duty Cycle (ED%)

• http of our website

• Phone number of Alberto Sassi SpA​