​​​Circular letter : 2016/04 b

We inform our customers that the brakes manufactured by Alberto Sassi SpA have passed all the controls and have proven to comply with the new directive 2014/33/EU and to the new regulations EN 81-20 EN 81-50.

The Italian Parliament has nonetheless not formally transposed yet the new directive 2014/33/EU and for this reason it cannot be expressly mentioned into the certificates issued by TÜV Italy..

Therefore the new certificates DPS 017 and DPS 018 issued on 21/03/2016, available on our website, attest officially the conformity of all the brakes manufactured by Alberto Sassi SpA with:

• Directive 95/16/EC

• Body of legislation EN81-1:1998 + A3: 2009

• Body of legislations EN81-20:2014 & EN81-50:2014

Moreover they unite into one single document the previous distinct certifications on the subject of security against the excess of speed (COP) and of uncontrolled movement (UCM).

We would like to point out to our customers that: the transposition of the new directive 2014/33/EU by the Italian Parliament after the 19/04/2016 will not limit nor prevent in any way the sale of our brakes.

As a matter of fact, just with the adjustment of the declaration of conformity, our brakes will continue to be in accordance with the regulation because they have not changed technically and therefore are covered by the previous certifications as foreseen and allowed by the article no. 44 contained in the new directive 201433/UE. .

The certificates​ DPS 017 and DPS 018 will obviously be issued again, mentioning officially and expressly the new directive 2014/33/EU, as soon as it will be received from the Italian Parliament.

Alberto Sassi SpA