New range of gearless machines

Technological development and evolution of the market always matter to Alberto Sassi Spa, which has given a further boost to its models G-200.T1,  G-300.T0,  G-300.T1 and G-300.T2  of its range of gearless machines.

The constructive improvement introduced will indeed allow to increase the static load of these models as follows:

  • G-200.T1 from 1600Kg to 2500Kg
  • G-300.T0 from 2500Kg to 2750Kg
  • G-300.T1 from 2500Kg to 2750Kg
  • G-300.T2 from 2500Kg to 2750Kg

It has also been increased the range of pulleys available, which in some cases will have different widths for the same diameter in order to make place to an increased number of ropes.

All the improvements have been made with the minimum dimensional impact on the products.

We therefore invite you to examine the technical drawings on our website, paying particular attention to the dimension marked with "C", the only one which has changed.

The new series G-200 and G-300 with increased static load will be available on the market within a couple of months. A specific communication will be sent for this purpose.

Our Sales and Technical Departments remain at your disposal for any further and specific information.

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