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Privacy policy​​​ on browsing the website and on the use of cookies

Alberto Sassi S.p.A. has great respect for Users' privacy. Any data that may be communicated by the User to Alberto Sassi through the Website will be processed with the utmost care and with all appropriate tools to ensure security, in full compliance with the Italian legislation in force to protect confidentiality. Any personal data provided by the User during use of the website will be processed by the Controller Alberto Sassi S.p.A., with registered office in via G. Rossa 1, Loc. Crespellano - Valsamoggia (BO), Italy, with mainly automated tools, in compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), in relation to the various services and activities available on the website.

Before uploading or providing personal data on the Website, please read carefully the following policies regarding the protection of personal data.


Cookies are small text files created on your computer by the websites you visit. Like many websites, we also use cookies to improve and customise your experience and to keep track of usage and trends.
Cookies are not harmful, but since they are able to include personal and identifiable information, some people may object to their use because of online privacy.

We use cookies for two main reasons:

  • performance

Cookies allow us to receive information about how visitors use our website and how the website responds in terms of performance. For example, we may use analysis tools to keep track of which pages are most visited, or how long it takes visitors to find the information they are looking for. We generally use this information to help us improve our website and to provide you with a better experience.

  • functionality
    These cookies allow us to provide you with information based on the choices you make, such as remembering your preferences when you return to visit our website. Without cookies, your experience on our website could not be so customised.

Many browsers allow you to control cookies in their settings. Some online services, such as Google Analytics, allow you to define settings on how cookies are used on different websites.

We use two types of cookies on our site:

  • first-party (technical) cookies

These are cookies used for the correct functioning of the site (making it easy for users to browse, managing the session of an authenticated user, etc.). Their duration is related to a single session (temporary or session cookies). As these cookies are necessary for a correct and secure use of the site, and as they are not used for other purposes, consent from the visitor is not required.

  • third-party (analytical) cookies

These cookies, similar to technical cookies, are configured by a website other than our own, and are used to collect aggregate information about how our site is used by visitors for statistical purposes. In particular, our site shares browsing data and the user's IP with Google Analytics. The retention times for this data are established by the third party. For the use of these third-party cookies, visitors are asked to give their consent, in a banner which is displayed when the site opens.

For full information about third-party cookies:

To install the additional browser component that prevents your data being sent to Google Analytics:

Our website does not use cookies to profile visitors in order to send advertising messages aligned with preferences shown while browsing (profiling cookies).

By continuing to use our website you consent to us saving cookies on your computer.

Instructions to limit or block cookies on main browsers are given below:

Apple Safari IOS
If you wish to disable cookies in Safari, go to Preferences, and then under Privacy select the option to block cookies. On an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, go to Settings, select Safari and then the section on cookies.

Internet Explorer version 6 or higher
• Select "Tools" in the browser toolbar
• Select "Internet Options"
• Select "Privacy" and then "Advanced"
• Select "Replace automatic cookie management"
• Select "Block" to disable "Display website cookies"
• Select "Block" to disable "Third-party cookies"
• To disable "Session cookies", disable "Always allow session cookies"
• Click on "OK"

Firefox version 9 or higher
• Select "Tools" in the browser toolbar
• Select "Options"
• Select "Privacy"
• Under "Chronology", select "use custom settings" from the pull down menu
• To disable cookies, toggle off "Allow all cookies"
• Click on "OK

Google Chrome version 24 or higher
• Select the "Chrome" menu from your browser toolbar
• Select "Settings"
• Select "Show advanced settings"
• Under "Privacy" click on "Site settings"
• To disable cookies, select "Prevent sites from configuring data" and "Block third-party cookies and site data".
• Click on "OK"