New G-180

​Circular letter 2016/01

Alberto Sassi introduces its new gearless model:​ G-180.

High performance compact machine supplied with traction sheaves of small diameter, it represents the ideal product for the installations of new generation. ​

Like the other gearless machines, the G-180 has been entirely developed by the technicians of Alberto Sassi Spa and guarantees high quality standards in all its constitutive components.

The new G-180 features high duty service (up to 630Kg with 2:1 roping) and significant static load (2.350Kg) despite its small dimensions and reduced weight (110Kg).

The new G-180 is equipped with DF brake manufactured by Alberto Sassi SpA in accordance with the new Lift Directive 2014 / 33 / UE as well as with the constructive specifications required by the new bodies of legislation for lifts EN 81-20 and EN 81-50: 2014

The new G-180 will be available on the market from June 2016.​

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